We transform workplace culture making diversity, equity, and inclusion a habit.  

About Us

Consciously Unbiased Payroll is an NMSDC and LGBTQ+ diversity-certified employer of record and a payrolling company that maximizes ROI for businesses where DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) is a priority. We are dedicated to transforming workplace culture by making DEI a habit and helping our clients achieve their diverse talent and spending goals.  With our award-winning payrolling, employer of record, and spend management solutions we strive to win hearts and minds in promoting DEI across enterprises so that our client organizations can attract, engage and retain a diversity of talent.​

Get to know us

What is EOR?


An Employer of Record (EOR) is a company that helps businesses by taking on the responsibility of hiring and paying contract and temporary employees on behalf of our clients   This allows companies to employ workers legally and efficiently in the United States and aboard without having to worry about violating local employment laws. EORs handle all the formal employment tasks, including payroll processes and compliance documentation. 

Why use an EOR?


1. Cost savings: An Employer of Record can help reduce payroll costs by taking on the burden of payroll taxes, insurance, and other costs associated with hiring and managing employees. 

2. Reduced administrative burden: EORs can reduce the administrative burden associated with onboarding and managing employees in different countries, states, and jurisdictions. 

3. Compliance: Employer of Record services ensure compliance with local and international labor laws. 

4. Flexibility: An EOR can provide a flexible workforce solution, allowing companies to quickly scale up or down as needed. 

5. Risk mitigation: Employer of Record services can help mitigate the risk of non-compliance and other liabilities associated with hiring and managing employees. 

How do we operate?


Consciously Unbiased acts as the Employer of Record (EOR) or Vendor of Record (VOR) and officially hires the contract or temporary employees on behalf of our clients.  In this partnership, the client is still responsible for managing the worker and their performance day-to-day while CU Payroll as the EOR handles all of the administrative burden of employing the worker. Under our VOR service we provide compliance and payment solutions to streamline the process of onboarding, contracting and paying  our clients suppliers. 


As a nationally certified diversity supplier both (NMSDC and LGBTQ+) all the spend and talent administered through Consciously Unbiased is compliant with US Federal Government Small Business Administration legislation governing reporting of spend with minority owned suppliers. A portion of all proceeds from our payrolling solutions go to develop Consciously Unbiased’ s industry leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs on a global scale. 

Our Mission

Consciously Unbiased maximizes ROI for companies where DEI matters. 
We transform workplace culture making diversity, equity, and inclusion a habit.  

The Consciously Unbiased Advantage


Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect of any successful business and using minority-owned vendors to administer and payroll their contingent workers and staffing vendors can be a way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to this cause. Through this process companies create an environment of opportunity and support in communities that have been historically underserved. However, this good intention is lost when companies just flow the spend through a minority-owned company while the underlying talent does not represent the workforce of today and diverse candidates still do not have access to the opportunities, resources, and jobs to make the most of their potential. 


Consciously Unbiased Payroll is different. 

We help organizations focus on the importance of recognizing diverse talent and providing the resources and opportunities necessary to help workers from diverse backgrounds grow and succeed. This includes providing all workers and hiring managers from all backgrounds with DEI training, assisting talent and organizations in identifying diverse talent, and presenting opportunities to diverse workers that help them in reaching their full potential.

Consciously Unbiased Payroll’s award-winning DEI training and consulting solutions help to create an inclusive and supportive environment that celebrates diversity and encourages collaboration between all stakeholders. By doing so, companies can demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility and create an environment of economic opportunity and growth for talent from diverse underserved communities.