Ashish Kaushal

Movement maker, belonging builder, business innovator.  A rare combination of chief technology officer and human resources leader, Ashish Kaushal is on a mission to connect the hearts and the minds of people across organizations and industries to spark behavior change and drive inclusion.

Ashish is the founder of Consciously Unbiased, a grassroots movement and organization promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He is also the CEO of HireTalent, a nationwide contingent staffing firm focused on diversity staffing in Procurement, Human Resources, Healthcare, Clinical / Scientific, Finance and Technology.  

Prior to founding Consciously Unbiased and HireTalent, Ashish worked at an internet incubator and venture capital firm focused on the retail and fashion industry, which funded startups and joint ventures.  He graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Satyen Chokshi

Satyen has fifteen years of experience within the Talent Management & Talent Acquisition space. He currently is the CEO & founder of TalentRupt, a global RPO headquartered in New York, Managing Partner at HireTalent Inc.

Prior to TalentRupt, Satyen co-founded and successfully ran Talent Options - an executive staffing firm based out of New York, which was eventually acquired by HireTalent.

Prior to Talent Options, he held leadership roles at Pershing, Pfizer, Moodys etc. He was responsible for hiring top executives for C level positions.

Satyen has a Master’s degree in Commerce, Economics and Finance from Mumbai University. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, exploring new painting techniques and surfing.https

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