Empowering the sourcing of top contract and temporary talent, we take on the mantle of the employer. With this we assume all legal responsibilities, oversee regulatory compliance, and expertly handle onboarding, payroll, benefits, and workers' compensation. This way, you can set your sights on your business operations.


 Venture into the realm of independent contractors with utmost confidence. Our AOR services are tailored to ensure impeccable IC compliance, safeguarding against any misclassification risks throughout engagements. Trust in us to have every aspect covered, leaving you free to amplify your core business. 


At CU Payroll, our secret sauce is our distinct approach to training that binds the emotional and cognitive to initiate transformative change. Our training modules, deeply rooted in neuroscience, behavioral science, and the magic of storytelling, offer a refreshing, interactive, and judgment-free learning space. Engage with us, and witness the transformation as participants recognize biases, acquire mitigation techniques, and pledge to actionable steps that cultivate a sense of belonging in the workplace.


 With Diversity & Equity (D&E) at our operational core, we harness the collective strength of our community to curate unique pools of diverse talent for our clients. Embrace the edge of diversity with CU Payroll.